Hello! I'm Adrienne, the founder and Clinical Director of Qualified Quacks, LLC. About 16 years ago I was finishing my Biology degree and a Physician's Assistant Master's degree was on the horizon. Unfortunately, I had a less than pleasant experience with my nurses while delivering my first child; it was the first time I realized the majority of patient care is delivered by nurses. In the days following my daughter's birth, I came to an important decision; I chose to pursue the esteemed profession of Nursing. I became passionate about providing laboring/birthing mothers with safe, competent, compassionate care, and helping women get as close to the birth experience they desired. It was my honor to do this sacred work for almost a decade. 


Throughout my nursing career, I began to realize I had an eye for identifying areas and key changes that would provide a better level of care for patients, which in turn led to taking on new roles and/or specialties. Fast forward to 2016. Changes to insurance coverage, healthcare delivery models, staffing shortages, and other non clinical factors began to severely impact patient care in hospitals. Paperwork, computers, and bureaucratic redundancies reduced the invaluable time allowed for dedicated patient care. Feedback from patients and individuals in the community often included a comment about how "busy" the staff seemed, and how they (as patients) didn't feel their needs were identified or addressed much of their hospital stay. I was compelled to find a venue where patients' care was the priority. 


I began researching different medical models in other countries; I was particularly interested in National Health Services which make home visits to their patients. Patients' health outcomes were significantly improved with homes visits, and their medical costs were actually lower! 


As a single mother, there were times when one child was sick in the middle of the night, but all three had to wake up and join the trip. I found myself wishing for "the good 'ole days" when doctors/nurses made house calls, and suddenly, an idea was born. My mission was clear; bringing together medical professionals passionate about providing competent, compassionate care to patients, unencumbered by "time", and in the comfort of the patients' homes.  Qualified Quacks, LLC is the fruit of my labor, love of medicine, and passion of caring for patients.